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Wednesday 26th November 2014  

Cars with unpaid parking tickets to face towing

Drivers who fail to pay three parking tickets face having their car towed or clamped under new rules which will come into force in two months.


Traffic wardens employed by local councils will monitor the streets for offenders and will have the power to take immediate action if they spot a car which has at least three unpaid parking tickets. The car will be clamped or towed, even if the car is parked legally at the time it is spotted. The car can only be reclaimed by the owner once all oustanding fines have been paid.


The same punitive action will be taken against motorists who have failed to pay fines for other motor traffic offences, such as driving in a bus lane.


Local authorities in London will be the first to gain the new powers, with councils across the country expected to follow suit. A six-month trial of the new rules will be carried out in four London authorities – Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, and Transport for London.


The rules will apply equally to foreign drivers as no distinction will be made between cars registered in the UK and those with foreign number plates.


The government is considering the creation of a national database of parking offenders, as well as the option of passing on the details of persistent offenders to the police, who would store the details on the Police National Computer.


Several groups are concerned that innocent motorists might run foul of the new laws, namely those who are waiting for their appeals against illegal parking tickets to be dealt with by the local council.


As parking problems in the capital become ever more severe – from the difficulty of obtaining a parking spot to the risk of being slapped with a parking ticket to the threat of having one’s car towed or clamped – the best option for stress-free, risk-free and secure parking for regular drivers into London is to obtain a season parking ticket with private parking companies such as 24 7.





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